Elnady Engineering & Agencies is an Egyptian engineering company that is specialized in a variety of engineering services; constructions, software development and software products’ agencies. We started our business back in 1994 in the field of construction services, mechanical and electrical installations where we comprise assorted services that provide turn-key projects.

We started to provide software solutions for Multiphysics modelling since 2005 and we officially speak for COMSOL Group widely in the Arab countries. COMSOL Multiphysics software develops feasible software for modelling and simulation of real-world Multiphysics systems. Additionally, we provide software solutions for noise mapping and mathematical implementation by dint of SoundPLAN & Maple software which we represent formally.

The collaboration between Elnady Engineering & Agencies, researchers from Ain shams university (ASU) in Egypt and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, resulted fruitfully in bringing SIDLAB software to life in 2006. SIDLAB provides software & hardware solution for the analysis and the measurement of sound generation and propagation inside duct networks. It complies a long experience and knowledge of using similar codes for all types of ducts acoustics applications in research, teaching and consultancy.

Our Acoustics Consultancy Team provides engineering services in the fields of acoustics and vibrations, supporting domestic and worldwide clients to design, assess, manage and control sound and vibrations in the built environment. Our consultancy services is featured by our expert team of Professors, M.Sc. holders and Engineers in the field of Acoustics, Vibration, Modelling & Simulation, and Machine Design. We have designed the Acoustics of several sensitive projects in Egypt, Gulf Countries, Europe, USA and China.