COMSOL Multiphysics

What is COMSOL Multiphysics?

To realize the full benefits of simulations, models need to account for all the physics that affect the outputs they are trying to predict. In other words, if you ignore some important physics, your model is not going to be high fidelity.
For instance, if you want to predict how hot a laptop gets, you may need to consider chemical reactions in the battery, Joule heating in electrical components, air flow affecting cooling, etc. It's not just a heat transfer equation you need to solve to get accurate predictions.
COMSOL Multiphysics enables the modeler to combine arbitrary physics together, no matter how intricately they may be coupled, and to build powerful, flexible, accurate models. COMSOL even allows you to add your own equations, and couple it with the predefined physics.
To know more about Comsol Multiphysics you can watch this Video

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