Price List & Refund Policy

Price List & Refund Policy

Software Price List: Version 4.x          (EUR)

Prices in Euro, valid from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2021, and replacing all price lists with earlier dates.

CPU Locked Single User License



(No Access to MATLAB sourcecode)


SIDLAB Acoustics (Low and High Frequency)


SIDLAB Acoustics (High Frequency Only)




SIDLAB Measurement

5,000 SIDLAB Acquisition *)
12,000 SIDLAB Complete: All Modules




(Possible access to MATLAB source code)

8,000 SIDLAB Acoustics (Low and High Frequency)
2,500 SIDLAB Acoustics (High Frequency Only)
4,000 SIDLAB Flow
3,000 SIDLAB Measurement
6,000 SIDLAB Acquisition *)
16,000 SIDLAB Complete: All Modules

Monthly Lease

 1,500 Price per month for a Compiled License of SIDLAB Complete

*) SIDLAB Acquisition includes SIDLAB Measurement

Licensing Options




Monthly Lease: One month access to all SIDLAB Modules, Compiled version.Full technical support is included. If a decision is made to purchase a permanentlicense within 3 months after the lease ends, the cost of the lease is deductedfrom the permanent license price.

Permanent: Lifetime access to the purchased modules. The initial purchaseincludes 1 year of software maintenance and support. The software maintenance and support subscription is optional after the first year.






CPU Locked Single User License: SIDLAB may be installed and operated on up to 2 computers, provided it is only accessible to, and operated by, a single licensed user.

CPU Locked Multiple User Licenses: Special discounts are available for purchasing more than one user. The second user onwards gets 50% discount.

Floating Network License: Licensed per concurrent user. SIDLAB can be installed on as many machines on the same network (or VPN). SIDLAB runs onlocal computers, with the network used only for license authentication. SIDLABFNL Manager is installed on a server and provides the license authentication.The price for 1 Floating Network seat is 150% of the Single User License price.

Maintenance Subscription

  • Includes technical support and free software
  • Is included with the Monthly Lease.
  • Is included for one year for free for the permanent
  • Annual maintenance subscription can be renewed for 25% of the current license
  • The annual software maintenance fee is discounted for customer that continuously renew the software maintenance. The renewal fee schedule is as follows: 1st year: included in purchase, 2nd Year: 25%, 3rdYear: 22.5%, 4th to nth Year: 20%
  • To upgrade an earlier SIDLAB version requires the renewal of the software maintenance (25%) plus an upgrade fee, which is equal to 0.7% of the current license cost times month out of maintenance. Themaximum upgrade fee is 10% of the current license

Warranties & Refund Policy

  • That we or our licensors have the right to grant the license rights hereunder; that for a period of ninety (90) days from delivery (“Warranty Period”) the licensed Programs shall conform in all material respects to their functional specifications in the Documentation.
  • If a Program does not operate as warranted and the Licensee notify SIDLAB within the Warranty Period, the Licensee exclusive remedy and our sole liability shall be:
  • the correction or workaround of major defects within a reasonable time. If such correction or workaround prove neither satisfactory nor practical, termination of the relevant license and refund of the initial license fee paid to SIDLAB for the Programs.
  • All requests for warranty assistance should be directed to SIDLAB.