Acoustics Engineering

Elevating every kind of acoustics space with technical mastery and artistic genius. Enhancing spaces by adding our Expertise to your Vision.

Our Acoustics Consultancy Team consists of a highly skilled group of professionals, including Professors, M.Sc. holders, and Engineers who specialize in the fields of Acoustics, Vibration, Modelling & Simulation, and Machine Design. With their extensive knowledge and experience, we offer unparalleled expertise in providing effective solutions for all your acoustics and vibration needs.

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Global reach

We have successfully completed numerous projects across various countries including Egypt, Gulf Countries, Europe, USA, and China. Our international experience allows us to understand the unique challenges faced by different regions and provide tailored solutions that meet local regulations and standards.

Comprehensive services

From initial design to final implementation, our consultancy services cover every aspect of acoustics engineering. Whether you need assistance in designing soundproofing systems for buildings or managing noise pollution in industrial settings, our team is equipped to handle it all.

Cutting-edge technology

We utilize advanced tools and technologies to accurately model and simulate acoustic environments. This enables us to provide precise predictions and recommendations for optimizing sound quality and controlling vibrations in your projects.

Dedicated support

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our team will work closely with you throughout the project lifecycle to ensure your specific requirements are met. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely responses and proactive solutions that exceed expectations.

Fields of Services

Mechanical Noise & Vibration Control

  • Machine room design.
  • Machine vibration isolation.
  • HVAC Rooftop equipment noise control HVAC air duct design to meet specified noise criteria.
  • Silencing of Fans and other mechanical equipment.
  • Generator Sets noise and vibration control.
  • Design of shelters and skid structures.
  • Sound Power measurements.

Industrial Acoustics & Noise Control

  • Hearing Conservation Programs..
  • Sound Surveys to identify and evaluate noise sources for control.
  • Acoustical enclosure design.
  • Noise control for equipment, machines and process facilities.
  • Guidance with equipment selection to meet established criteria.
  • Design of Public Address and General Alarm Systems.
  • Noise and vibration measurements.

Architectural Acoustics Design

  • Room Acoustics design, including shaping, sizing of rooms, structures and finishes.
  • Sound isolation.
  • Design of Auditoriums and Theaters.
  • Room Criteria calculation and measurement.
  • Complete Acoustic design of public buildings, hotels and hospitals.
  • Measurement of Reverberation Time, Room Absorption, Building Isolation.

Fields of Services

Product and System Sound Design

  • Reduction of product noise levels.
  • Enhancing the sound quality of products.
  • Alarm level notification compliance.
  • Sound system design.

Acoustic Design of Mufflers

  • Design and optimization of exhaust/intake systems.
  • Modeling and Simulation of muffles and silencers for acoustic performance and back pressure compliance.
  • Measurement of the muffler Transmission Loss, flow generated noise and pressure drop.
  • Training on Design concepts of muffler acoustics.

Environmental Noise Studies

  • Noise monitoring.
  • Site suitability studies.
  • Applications for site plan approval.
  • Aircraft and ground transportation planning.
  • Noise of studies for Wind Turbine farms.
  • Analysis, mediation and mitigation of environmental noise sources.

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